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Below is a list of the events - and results - in Nick's busy running schedule for 2012.


8th January

19th February

4th March

1st April

22nd April

7th May

13th May

10th June

20th June

1st July

22nd July

15th August

18th August

19th August

9th September

16th September

7th October

14th October

19th October

4th November

25th November

23rd December
Woodcote 10k

Wokingham Half Marathon

Thames Riverside 20 Mles

Reading Half Marathon

London Marathon

Shinfield 10k

Woodley 10k

Wargrave 10k

Bracknell Forest Five Miles

Lakeland Trails Marathon
(around Lake Coniston)

Down Tow Up Flow Half

Beale Park 10k

Race the Train (14 miles)

Burnham Beeches Half

Peasemore Festival 5 (miles)

Great North Run

Basingstoke Half Marathon

Tadley 10 Miles

Charity Auction Night

New York Marathon

Downton Half marathon

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon
49 mins 16 secs, a PB!

1 hr 37 mins 33 secs, another PB by over four minutes!

2 hrs 47 mins 28 secs in atrocious conditions!

1 hr 34 mins 56 secs, another PB!

3 hrs 42 mins 13 secs, yet another PB, by over 21 minutes!

And another PB by over 6 mins at 43 mins 6 secs - this man is on fire!!!

Another PB! 42 mins 53 secs

43 mins 20 secs

Did not run due to injury

4 hrs 31 mins 24 secs, but 23rd out of more than 200 on a gruelling course in atrocious conditions!

Very hot! 1 hr 46 mins 42 secs

59 mins 33 secs

Very hard! 2 hrs 10 mins 20 secs

Very hot! 1 hr 58 mins 14 secs

35 mins 32 secs, a PB and finished 31st out of 200!

1 hr 37 mins 55 secs. Finished 2540 out of about 40000 and raised 600!

1 hr 40 mins 16 secs

Did not run due to illness

Hugely successful! Click here to read more and see the photos

Race cancelled! Read the report in Nick's local paper.

1 hr 44 mins 48 secs

Nick has pulled due to being 100% fit ... and wanting to stay that way!

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